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Can I order QSL cards in other increments besides by the thousand?

Yes, you may, however the price is always rounded to the nearest thousand. For example, 100, 300, 500, 800 and 1.000 still cost always EUR 90 or 1.200, 1.500 and 2.000 cost EUR 130 (for Germany) etc.. We have to do it this way because of the technology of our production. Cards are printed in thousands.

May I place more than one photo on the front side of the QSL card?

Yes, you may now place any number of photos on the front of the QSL, we charge a special fee for 3 and more photos. For more see our price-list.

Can I use any other colors besides red and black for the back side of the QSL card?

Yes, however there is an extra charge for any other color of $25 or EUR 25 per an order. For more see our price-list.

May I use a photo or picture for the back-side side of card?

Yes, you can. A black and white picture is free of charge, a colored photo is for extra $ 50 or EUR 50 per an order. For more see our price-list.

Can I leave the back side completely blank?

Yes, you can but the price is still the same.

Yes, we can. We often get requests for DIN A6. We can print on this format for you without any overcharge. Keep in mind that standard card sizes help staff at QSL bureaus more efficiently sort and distribute QSLs for hams worldwide.

Can you use a postcard as a proof?

With some exceptions, we can. The quality of material highly influences the final print. Keep in mind that there is a degradation of quality when copying, compared to the original.

Can I send data from my digital camera?

Yes, however there are some exceptions. Send us your data by e-mail and we will let you know. The quality is very diverse in many cases. Keep in mind that the quality of the image depends on the resolution and the clarity of the image. A higher resolution image will usually produce a good sharp print.

Once I get my cards, can I print on them using a laser or inkjet printer?

Our customers often do this with great success. Our QSL cards, including lamino, are resistant to the high temperatures found in the fuser of laser printers. When printing with inkjet printers, you should try it first with one card to see if there are any issues. However, the vast majority of printers work just fine with our cardstock. Occasionally some types of printers will print a bit blurred. We can send you some free samples.

Will I need to pay for any customs fees or taxes when my cards arrive?

Packages to the EU do not have to be declared, all taxes are also paid. You will pay no more taxes upon receiving your QSL cards. In other countries there are usually no custom duties since these duties are rare. Levy of VAT by your country tariff is very individual and different.

Do you guarantee your QSL card orders?

Yes, you have up to twenty four months after your order is placed to bring up any issues about your order. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please contact us. However, this happens very rarely. We will address complaints case by case. If you have a legitimate problem with your card, such as misspellings, we will redo your order free of charge.

  If you have an intention to order QSL cards or any questions, please contact us:
  Email: print@qsl.cz, phone +420 603 548 546.

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