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Reference - co o nás napsali

Co o nás píší nezávislé recenze našich zákazníků se dočtete na e-ham.net. Z dopisů, které od vás dostáváme jsme vybrali tady:

WA1S member of K5K DXpedition

... We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your most generous support in helping make Kingman Reef 2000 a great succes. The QSL cards are beautiful and we have been receiving many positive comments on how professional they look. ... full letter
For The KRPDXG Thank You,
Ann M. Santos, WA1S

K5AB member of K5K DXpedition

Please allow me to express myself! Your efforts with the K5K QSL are very beautiful!
A great looking QSL card!
VY 73, Alan Brown, K5AB


Absolutely magnificent card, thank you very much!
All the designs were good, this one is exactly what I want.
You were recommended to me by Hans, SM3TLG who is has his IOTA expedition cards done by you. Your price, quality and service have been beyond expectation.
73 es gl fm ZL
Barry Kirkwood, PhD ZL1DD
Signal Hill Homestay www.waiheke.co.nz/signal.htm
Palm Beach, Waiheke Island 1240, NEW ZEALAND


Just a quick note to tell you my cards arrived April 10.
Very nice, high quality cards.  I'll recommend you to my friends!
73, V26JT   K3JT......


Best Deal in Town!!
These guys, Beda and Vrata, are the best in the business! They worked with me via email to get the card just right, and then went to print. Shipping took 1 month, as they predicted. Their prices simply can not be beat, and the quality is superb, along with the service. We have truly arrived, I never dreamed I would print QSL's in Eastern Europe. The world is indeed getting smaller!


9M6YAT QSLs were received on March 30.  They are very nice.  Thanks for the
good job!
73, Bob


Four weeks from 1st email to delivery.
I don't know how OK1FXX, Beda can do it for this price. Remarkable quality worth four times the price he charges (and others charge that much). Flawless reproduction of my personally designed QSL card. I will order my photo Christmas cards from him next year! Why not??... same size as the QSL. It doesn't get any better. My QSL card is pictured above.


Today I received my QSL cards...
The cards are wonderful, I am very happy! Very nice cards!!!
Congratulations on such a wonderful job!
I am waiting for the second order and will advise all hams to order cards at ELLI print!
73s and THANKS!  de ON4CLN - Franki


CLASS ACT quality at a DIRT-CHEAP price!
I sent my first email to OK1FXX on 11/21/2000 asking for a quote. On 11/22/2000 I received his reply. I then emailed him a JPEG of my own QSL card design. On 11/27/2000 I received his 'proof' for my approval. I accepted his 'proof' and paid via Visa Card (yes, they now accept Visa). I figured for $84.00 all inclusive I'll take a chance. On 12/15/2000 I received my QSL cards! I couldn't believe it! Beautiful quality and certainly much better and faster than expected. This skeptical writer has been pleasantly surprised. I highly recommend his services to all.


Beautiful QSLs, Low Cost, Great Service
Over the years I've had a variety of QSL cards, most of which I have designed myself, rather than going with stock designs. As I started to get low on the last batch of 1000 that a friend of mine printed, I began to think about going for a fancy, photo/postcard style of QSL.

I started paying attention to who printed nice looking cars and checking out the reviews. On the basis of WB4KTF's eHAM review of ELLI print, I visited their webpage and used their on-line order form for free samples. In a very short time I had a handful of gorgeous looking glossy photo cards along with ordering info.

Could it be possible? Full color postcards printed in the Czech Republic for around 80 bucks U.S., shipping included? Yes, friends, it's true!

Now, I don't speak or write Czech, and the ELLI print promotional material, while in English, uses some interesting phrasing, but this doesn't matter. Beda Sigmund, OK1FXX, is ELLI's QSL King, and his English is just fine to get the job done. He's quick to respond to emails and seems genuinely willing to accomodate.

I chose to pay by check (yep, you can simply mail your personal U.S. check or use electronic funds transfer--no credit cards yet), and to FTP the design for the front of the card. I had a colleague manipulate my photo and add type using PhotoShop, but you can just let the ELLI print craftspeople do all this for you if you wish. I mailed the layout for the back of the card along with my payment.

About two weeks later, I received email from Beda, along with proofs of the front and back of the card. I had a minor change (but missed one minor typo--guess I need new glasses!) and in a few days received another email proof. I gave Beda an email "go ahead" and about three weeks later I had 1000 fabulous looking glossy QSL cards!

The photo colors are bright and crisp, the finish is like glass! The back of the card has a bright "chalk" white finish, with all the QSL card info in TWO colors (red and black). Hey, the back of the card looks as good as my old QSLs by itself!

Now, I must point out that ELLI print QSLs are not printed on that thick cardstock you might associate with souvenir postcards. They use a thinner, crisper stock which, in my opinion is better because I generally don't just stick a stamp on my cards and drop 'em in the mail--I send QSLs in envelopes. A thinner, lighter envelope helps keep postage rates down, and makes for a less "interesting" (to prying eyes) package when mailing overseas. Don't get me wrong--the cards are plenty stiff enough to withstand a trip through the postal system on their own, but why would you want to do that?

If you're impatient and want it now, now, now, then dealing with an overseas printer may not be for you. But, if you're willing to wait about 5 weeks start to finish for Old World craftsmanship and service at remarkably low prices (around $60/1000 plus $24 shipping), ELLI print is the way to go! Check 'em out!


Four weeks from 1st email to delivery.
I found ElliPrint in the Czech Republic by chance. I received a QSL from OK1KT who had one from ElliPrint. Their photo cards look just like a photograph, not like the dot type ones that you see so often, these are really good looking cards. The QSL had the ELLI Print URL on the back, www.qsl.cz and I checked it out. They offer custom photo QSLs for a very reasonable price in units of 1000, 2000, etc. So I sent them a 3.5 x 4.5 inch photo of my stations (with me in the picture), the layout of the back of the card that I wanted, and a check for the full amount (QSLs plus shipping). A week or so later I received an e-mail back with a "proof" of front and back. I gave my OK, and about 5 weeks later the cards arrived in the mail. I've now talked to others in the US who also found ELLI Print on the web and ordered cards from them. Check them out, you will be surprised at the quality and cost combination!


Further order will be sent shortly.
Thank you for the GB2SLS Lifeboat QSL cards received today - the usual excellent quality.
Please pass my thanks to the despatch staff who always wrap the parcel very well, which ensures that the cards arrive in first class condition with none damaged in transit.
A further order will be sent shortly.


Guten Tag LBR OM,
schönen Dank für die Karten sie sind nun endlich angekommen !
Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Druck und der Karte...sehr gutes Material !!
Werde nun das Geld überweisen.
Alles Gute und nochmals Danke 73 de DK3QZ


werte om's.....
die qsl-karten sind angekommen. alles o.k. die karten sind super !
herzlichen dank
vy 73 de reinhard aus dresden / do5uh

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